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Set up in 1995, Indosoft Corporation specializes in producing electronic safety and surveillance products for home and the business. The main objective of our organization is to provide customized solutions in the system utilities field to end-user customers, small and mid-sized companies and large enterprises.


Our product range includes:
Camera, Access Control, Security System, Software (Module), Door Phone, DVR (Digital Video Recorder), Light Management System and Security Sensors.

We have a skilled team of developers, capable of coping with every software and hardware task. With a wide experience in designing and manufacturing of embedded technology & computer based software, we have set up our in-house R & D team for hardware and software solutions. All our products are perfect for home and commercial usage and have been produced to provide complete safety and security of both human life as well as belongings.



Our mission is to create high quality, intuitive and powerful software. We value diligence, creativity and innovation. To ensure maximum customer satisfaction, we provide multiple levels of support and availability.


Our Success Factors:

In order to become an undisputed leader, we rely on certain factors which have now become our success factors which include.

Years of Practice:
Since 1995 the process of market development of electronic security product has stated by us and with innovative ideas of new product development of security. We have come up to the level of new creations. We customize the complete security solutions according to client requirements.

High Competence:
High professionalism of our employees is supported with collected knowledge based on technologies being used, and also unique scheme of management and communication within the company. As a result, we are able to carry out complete development of new technologies and custom development.


Consistent Product Development:
We keep on updating the technological features of products at every step during the development stage, as and when the customer requirements change. We work in a tightly integrated manner to reduce the version lag between the Development Department and the Sales & Marketing Department. We share our LATEST PRODUCTS improvements with our customers and release several versions.


Complete Business Cycle:
We involve complete business cycle: development of unique technologies and building convenient appliances, quality assurance, production, distribution and testing. This sheaf allows us not only to release competitive products at the reduced cost, but also to answer extremely dynamically to ever-changing demands of market.