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Light Management System

  • TRANFORMER: 15V AC @ 300mA.
  • Low power consumption of 20mA in standby mode.
  • AC filter circuit.
  • Real time clock with battery backup.



  • Micro controller based system.
  • Real time clock working 24 hours in a day.
  • Watchdog circuitry.
  • Default stored timing to ON/OFF Lights as per Winter/summer mode.
  • Winter/summer mode selection switch.
  • User-friendly system.


When initially power ON, output relay ON for a moment & then OFF. After that system checks current time & decide whether it should be ON or OFF as per default timings. Similarly when mains power fail & come any moment system will check for that moment's timing & take action as per the default timing.

Default timing is decided by winter/summer mode switch.

Timing in winter mode: Light ON: 6.00 P.M. Light OFF: 6.30 A.M.
Timing in summer mode: Light ON: 7.00 P.M. Light OFF: 5.30 A.M.


Air Curtains


Air Curtains are available in mild steel sheets, galvanized sheets, stainless steel sheets, commercial block board with laminates and many more for our valued clients. Specially designed with single phase/three phase motors, air curtains are powder coated on both sides and are noiseless in operation. These air curtains are available in various sizes such as 2', 3', 3'6", 1m, 4', 5' 6', 2m and can be easily installed on the wall. Air curtains provide a visible barrier of air that acts as a thermal barrier in order to protect the environment from dust, flies, insects and many more. We also provide optional features of heaters, filters and auto operation to fulfill various requirements of our vast clientele.


Automatic Doors

Automatic door systems which open and close a door with a touch of a button. These automatic doors operate with a chair mounted transmitter and with other environmental controls. This automated door systems is specially designed for home environment. This small and lucrative product has a strong market value because of its accurately designed structure.


Certain convenient features related to this product are:

  • Its size and appearance is very similar to that of the commonly found door closer, whichminimizes its long area captivation.
  • Efficient performance
  • High degree reliability
  • Advanced safety and security features are a part this cost effective system


PIR Motion Sensor

PIR Motion Sensor is a multi-purpose, low power passive infrared motion sensor module designed for OEM integration. This sensor provides digital signal output whenever it detects human body movement within its detection range. With its built-in dome lens, the sensor can be used in ceiling mount products that require 360 degree detection or wall mount devices with 90 degree field of view.


  • Extremely low power consumption.
  • Ready-to-use I/O connection options.
  • Ceiling / wall mount device applicable.
  • TTL open collector signal output.
  • Built-in CdS photocell output.
  • Superior RFI / EMI immunity.
  • 360 degree dome lens included.
  • Excellent sensing capability.