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Burglar alarm systems with the latest cellular technology to protect your home and property with different features in a flexible cost. We provide infrared beam detector based perimeter alarm systems which widely are used in yards and warehouse, rural residential, construction sites...etc

Browse through our superb range of burglar alarms, home security alarms and intruder alarm systems We Supply burglar alarms, home security alarm, GSM alarm systems and house alarms with reliable wireless detectors for ease of installation the minimum disruption to your property. Our range of alarms covers every situation and budget.

Our burglar alarms use the latest technology to protect your possessions and can be tailored to suit your specific needs. We understand that every home is different and have a wide range of security solutions as a result. We have everything from easy to fit DIY alarms for the first time intruder alarm installer to professionally installed alarms suitable for monitoring and police response. Our range of GSM burglar alarms allows you to monitor and control the alarm by SMS text message.

These provide effective protection to house, factories, go downs and other establishments


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